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No Orders, No Messages, Kindly Help

Hello, guys,

I am a level 2 seller of fiverr, I am not net getting regular order, like I was getting earlier , & from almost 10 -12 days , no message from the buyers, no order, nothing. Kindly some one review my profile & let me know if their is need to change something .

Thanks In Advance.

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You need to change your attitude. Your sales is not guaranteed.


Send to everyday 10 buyer request then message and order.


Please do researches and read TIPS FOR SELLERS, FIVERR ACADEMY. It will help you!
Good Luck!


@ducnomo I am fully agree with you.
@sarjeel28 don’t upset, If you have no order. Just research, followe tips, promote your gig. As well as send buyer request.
Online income has no guarantee. Fiverr is same. You can try to communicate with your previous buyer. Thanks a lot.

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But don’t try to send spam messages. :smiley:


@andrea_kizinger Spamming! How it is possible in Fiverr chatting? Please clarify.

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That was exactly what I did and hooray I got my first order. We just need to be patient, learn and relearn things. I hope to get more orders.

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Thanks for all, I’ll try to implement all those tips, from now onwards I’ll Daily send 10 BR, so it increase My probability for getting orders

Decrease your rate and send buyer request on daily basis.

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Decrease! Why? Decrease of product or gig rate may hamper full sellers community. Rather one should try to provide best and professional service so that buyer search the buyer.

This is not the subject we are discussing here. The subject is not getting an orders so what is the way to get an order? Right? So i am telling with my experience to set a lowest rate if you are not getting an order and write a attractive words to attract your buyer to give an order to you also give the lowest rate. In this way you will get the order and after some days when you think now your gig is on first page and you are getting orders on daily biases and your previous buyers is also happy with your work then you can charge according to your desire. Success is not a one day task or work or something. You have to do a lot of work for it. I hope it makes some sense. Thanks for reading.