No orders now after completing 120+ orders


Hi guys,

Please help me…I have a gig that have completed 120+ orders and still have 100% rating…before 3 week it was at a first place of search result.But now it has gone down.I have no orders since 2 week.can’t find it when searching using keyword…but it is not removed from search result.I checked it…Please please help me…""""


What do you know I have the same problem, But I have completed about 35 orders and I have 100% Rating Also. Seriously Someone Please Answer This?


Contact Support


I used contact support…but they say they have nothing to do… :((

please some one give us a tip


your kinda of gigs are very competitive, alot of people doing that kinda of stuffs, and offer even more, and anyone who has better software can do it. if not on the first page and alot of people collect your gigs, hard to get sales. It has nothing to do with your levels, just my opinion.


Welcome to Fiverr!

When you start gettng orders after some weeks fiverr will kill your gig and place to the bottom of the page, by giving priority to other new low-quality created gigs.



will they put my gig to the top again…


I have same problem :-((


This is serious indeed. fiverr should look into it pls.


I’m dry and out of orders too. :frowning:



I really don’t know it depends on their algorithm. I’ve never seen my gigs to go up.


It happend to me also.When I become levell 2 seller.I didn’t get any orders.


What can we do about it?


You can wait your turn to be rotated again or ask for a bump to the top of the search temporarily.


Reply to @mrspanda: Is that what it is? Man, they need a better algorithm.


Same here… After my first two days on Fiverr, one of my gig has completed 20+ orders… And now, nothing :frowning: . Plus, I have not been promoted to the level one…


Reply to @crcanny: Aren’t you on the front page? I almost ordered your bunny hat gig, but then I remembered I didn’t have an address for you to send it to yet. xD

Yeah, I heard they rotate us through the front page under the featured gigs to give everyone a fair shot. I feel like it’s fair… if there were magic words to put us ALL there, there wouldn’t really be a ‘front page’ yknow? I know I was up there for about a week, and then I was off the radar. I didn’t change any key words or descriptions in that time, either.

But I also have heard from people that if you ask them nicely, they will bump you… but that’s assuming you weren’t just on the front page. If you ask them the second you’re off the front page, I think they won’t help you out… gotta be fair to all the sellers.


I’m feeling your pain as well, hopefully it gets better. But it’s kinda strange that I’ve had orders come through but my “views” hasn’t changed…


Reply to @mrspanda: I thought you were talking about the category search, which, frankly, should be weighted more with rating and feedback as the Auto search. The front page I thought was arbitrary, because they only have so far put my holiday-centric gigs on there, nothing else.


I had the same issue , I agree that you get bumped down, maybe try contacting support?