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No Orders On 5R

Hi everyone!

I have been on here for a few months now without any orders, the most I get is spam messages. I am on other platforms and do well but was hoping that 5R would bring more opportunity with my freelancer journey. Am I automatically not going to do well if I don’t spend all day here stalking the buyer requests?


Hello and welcome.
Sadly no matter how experienced people might be in outside Fiverr, it can take a loooong time to get sales. I went to check your gigs and they seem fine to me, but for someone who don’t have many reviews yet, your prices might be a bit high.
Maybe lowering them might help at least a bit.

Also business card designs are VERY competitive here, and when I saw your sample image, I saw only one ( or 2 at the most). I felt like it was lacking variety, and it didn’t show your full design skill, you might want to add more samples. :slight_smile:


Thank you @zeus777. I will make some adjustments. My though process from my experience freelancing is that you should price accordingly because most times than not the client will want something changed up and you want it to be worth your time. But on the other hand maybe your right, I should lower my prices until I get some reviews rolling in. :slight_smile:

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Oh I hear you about the pricing, and for example for my illustration gig I charge WAY more outside Fiverr. Fiverr has a certain expectation when it comes to pricing and there are plenty of sellers who charge hundreds and get orders, but until you have a nice lineup of good reviews, lowering the price would be a good way to start.
When I first started offering translations I had my price quiiiiiiite low, but since then I’ve tripled the amount! :wink:

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