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No orders on fiverr, How i can get Please check my gigs

Hi Folks,
I am not very new on fiverr, i made an account max 3 to 4 months but no orders yet…
Can anyone help me!

You have to marketing your profile or gig, without doing this you’re not able to get order instantly

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Dear @sunnysum @sophia_haizel 1st of all you have find some special skills of you and the research on fiver and here you will get a lot of idea about how to make your give more interesting than others. after this make some good gig that has demand on market.
Now comes the main part marketing, you have to share your gig in different socal media an try to do some seo as well so that your gig come in the first page.
That’s it, hope this will help you. :heart_eyes:
Best of luck💜


Thank you very much for sharing your extra ordinary knowledge with us, It’s helpful for me :relaxed::relaxed: @ruhul_tusar

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SEO mean i need to change tags of my gigs?

Here SEO means change tags as well as marketing and also bring some external people for visit your gigs. :blush:

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Thank you for this info i changed my tags, :slight_smile: