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No orders on my gig yet

Hi guys,

I have just posted a gig in the area of excel domain. Though I am microsoft certified specialist in excel i have not yet received any orders yet.

Can anyone kindly help me out in the review of my gigs?

All help will be appreciated !! Thanks a lot in advance!!

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Hi there!

I can only see one gig - I know you’re trying to show your certification off as a selling point, but it doesn’t make for an enticing gig image - maybe something more colourful?

You could make good use of an FAQ so potential buyers can find out more about your service - I understand you’re offering Excel related services, but why should I hire you?

Multi-faceted, dynamic personality with diversified knowledge across varied streams.

Great for a cv, not so good for a Fiverr profile description - I’m afraid it tells me nothing about why you’d be the person to hire.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot !!! I understand the issue. Will re-work on my gig.

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create more gigs it will help you in showing buyer request, buyer request is the best way to get orders for newbies.Promote your gigs where you think your potential buyer maybe. Wish you all the best:)

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Thanks for the info!

I have just begun with Fiverr… What exactly is buyer request ?

Buyer request are requests from buyer what they want to be done and we send our offers to do that. In your offers you tell the buyer how you will done the job in how many days and budged.
On your desk top click on selling there you will see in menu buyer request click on it.

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Thanks a lot for the help!!

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For knowing more about buyer request check this:

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You are welcome:):slightly_smiling_face:


Now that you know what a BR is, you might probably want to know how to write an awesome offer in response to a BR so that you have a greater chance of wooing the buyer into picking you for the job.

To help with that, you can have a look at this forum post-

Paul, who is a veteran seller on Fiverr, has also compiled a list of forum threads that you will find very helpful. You can have a look at it if you want to-

The forum is a wonderful place to get a good start on Fiverr as it is filled with lots of valuable threads with tons of information. As a new seller, I’d suggest that you spend quite some time reading through a lot of these forum posts. You’ve made the right decision of joining the forum and I wish you the best.

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Thats very useful!!! Thanks a lot !

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