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No orders or messages since start of may

I don’t know if anybody else has faced this problem recently but since the start of this months I’m not even receiving messages from new buyers let alone any order.Normally it’s 2 3 different persons contacting every day but its 14th today and still no messages and it’s freaking me out.

I’m here since March and still waiting for the first order

Something is definitely not right. I have been selling for a year and all of my gigs were always best-selling in their categories. Around May (When the impression bug appeared) all of my gigs went to the last page and a bunch of other sellers are reporting the same issue. I contacted CS about it but not much has been done. I hope that they can fix it soon so that everything can run as smooth as before.

yeah same here.It’s like i don’t even exist on fiver anymore and it’s really getting under my skin. Do you have any idea when it all will be over.?

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