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No orders or messages


Hi, normally i’m receiving few orders & messages daily but last 3 days i didn’t received any order or message. i have contacted fiverr CS but as per them fiverr site don’t have any issue. so i just want to know this is only for me or not ??. pls share your experience. thanks…


It’s a sitewide ‘issue.’ Many sellers have seen a drop in messages and sales.

Hang tight and use this opportunity as a learning curve.


yes i have never faced such a situation…


Then it’s helpful that you are facing “such a situation” right now, because, if you learn how to deal with the results of THIS “situation”, you’ll know how to work with it again in the future.

Take the time to figure out who your target customers are, go find where they are located, and then market/promote your gigs to them. You can bring in your own target customers as well. After all, it is only your target customers that will purchase from you to begin with. Appeal to your market, rather than expecting Fiverr to provide you with a market without any work on your part. :wink:


I received orders every day, but lately some weekly, it is rare this change in Fiverr


Oi. If I had a quarter for every time I read this complaint here on the forums, I’d be rich.

Fiverr is working on it. Be patient.


hi, i’m not a new seller & this is my 5th year. also i’m a top rated seller so i know how fiverr site is work. normally i’m promoting my gig but if fiverr site having some issue, that’s not in our control so promoting will not solve that issue. thanks…


I beg to differ. Promoting your gig to your target customers is always a good idea, no matter what may be happening with the Fiverr search. Don’t use the Fiverr search issues as an excuse not to grow your business.


No pressure. No diamonds. :wink: