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No orders or responses yet

I joined Fiverr 2 weeks ago. I haven’t got any message from anyone. I have sent buyer requests as well and still there is no response. Can you please help me or check my gigs if I am making mistakes?


Took me months before getting my first order. It takes a while. Maybe expand to more types of gigs?


I had one gig. I added second today. I haven’t got any response from my buyer request. I have sent almost 30 since then. Someone told me there might be some problem with my gigs but I don’t know what they could be

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To get your first order, you need to be patient, carefully send offer to the requests that match with your skills, And always write unique offer, also instead of using unnecessary words, always write to the point to get attention of potential buyer

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I write something like “Hello there, I have understood your requirements and I can do the job because I am an experienced developer…” Is it not right?

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I have sent tons of responses to buyers requests and have only ever gotten a handful responding.

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How do I get someone to review my gigs? So, I can know if I am not doing something wrong from my side

I am suffering from the same problem