NO orders..:( please help me what to do please:(



um… you have orders on your logos and are level 1 seller from what I see.


Two words… be patient.


same problem:(


Yes, I am smiling … it looks like you both are working so far … ??? Just as jonbaas noted … be patient.


Reply to @coreyacc5:

Do us a favor and stop spamming. I know I know, you’ll keep doing it.

I wonder if you are actually getting paid to spam.


Reply to @zeus777: Every time they close one of his accounts he makes another one. Ridiculous and boring.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Dang it, really?

I wonder if he realizes that it will only drive people away


Reply to @zeus777: Yeah. Some people live under the impression that all publicity is good publicity… sheesh.


Reply to @zeus777: Yes, it’s a shame. I’ve seen him on an account that was bestseller something or other. At first he was also sending inbox messages and posting in the forum to threaten those who told him to stop. After the first ban I noticed he started with the coreywhatever accounts. He stopped threatening when he realized the accounts got banned faster.

I can’t imagine that he’s getting anything out of it. Even if gets some clicks on his freebie book nonsense, I would bet you that no one is buying whatever he sells after he gets their email address. I even tried once to give him ideas to get legit traffic for his squeeze page but it got removed because he put threats in that thread too.


Just give your best in every project :slight_smile: