NO orders..:( please help me what to do


Please help me…I have no order yet…:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Just be patient! Buyers seem to place an order with sellers that have already collected feedback here on Fiverr. Promote your business in the forum under “My Fiverr Gigs” and on social media. Also check out the buyer requests maybe you can land a job this way. Good luck!!


To start, you do not have a very general offering for a gig, most of which I’ve never heard of people actually being in need of assistance of what you are offering. However I am requesting a gig and have been for a very long time, of course if you are good at math :stuck_out_tongue:

"999 questions

The first part of the test - 249 questions worth -

Second part of the test - 249 questions worth -

Third part of the test - 249 questions worth -

Fourth part of the test - 249 questions worth -

3 questions worth - #-#-# points each


-All grades are rounded off by quarters

-The first part of the test will be multiplied by 115

-The second part of the test will divide the current score by 57.5

-The third part of the test will be required to be taken outside (Not for Fiverr agent)

-The fourth part of the test will be required to be taken in the spirit world, if unable to attain spirit world presence an automatic failure will be given to the student. (Not for fiverr agent, duh!)

End result: Seventy six and three quarters percent out of one hundred percent (76 3/4)

-To my fiver agent, this is a test being given to students in my book. The test needs to be compatible and actually completable even if it is extremely unreasonable. Now because I don’t want to give myself a hernia and refuse to take anymore math courses in my college, i am relying on you to solve this and equation or edit it to make sure that it is actually compatible for completion.

The test is SUPPOSE to be extremely unreasonable, so give suggestions to make it even more unreasonable if you think there is such a way. If it is compatible, tell me that it is and if it is not tell me that it is not compatible. The end score NEEDS to be seventy six and three quarters, nothing more and nothing less. The rules above apply to the students in the book, not you with the exception of the following. If you are just solving this and giving it back to me, you did NOT fulfill the gig request.

-The first part of the test will be multiplied by 115

-The second part of the test will divide the current score by 57.5

-The test is considered a failure if even off by anything, even .00000000001"


I would make your gig descriptions a bit longer. A lot of times buyers like to see more details about your services, plus a longer description will allow you to include more keywords. I would also make sure that your bio and your descriptions are written in 100% correct English. Of course, it’s understandable to have mistakes if English isn’t your first language, but buyers are more likely to purchase a gig with a well-written description. If you know someone in person who can help you to revise, I would ask them to look it over. Otherwise, you could always purchase a proofreading gig on Fiverr.

Then I agree with annai80. Stay active on the site by participating in forums and responding to buyer requests. Then be patient! It just takes a few orders to get the ball rolling. Good luck!


You can add to signature in famous forums your gig. Some are paid, but some are free. Write a relevant topic and put the gig in the signature.


I think you are not using that “buyers request” column. Offer more work for reasonably less money, thats how I started and now I have made 100$ in 6 orders only. Good luck!


Thank all for your comments…!!! I got my first order…!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Offer something no one else is offering. Or offer a better deal than someone else is. Give 2 instead of 1 and so on.