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No orders please help

My account has literally became dormant this last few weeks,
No orders at all, all i did was change my gig video to a better one
Please i need help,
I can’t even find my gig when searching again



How frustrating! Try experimenting with the keywords for your gig and your SEO title. Also, send targeted responses to Buyer Requests that are a good fit for you. Offer free extras and make your case for the value you would bring to the buyer. Doing these things helps me, anyway. Make sure there are no grammar errors in your orders or profile page.

If you’ve had any warnings or a low punctuality rate for your orders, these kinds of things can limit how buyers can discover you.

Thank you so much for your response, sincerely i have a very good profile rating 5.0 after over 50 jobs
Can i drop my gig link so you can help me to reviee my profile?
I hope that isnt against the rules


If you share your Gig with social media and try to be free all time online and always try to stay active in the fiber forum.

Start with the cover photo. This is how your gig looks right now

Share your gig on social media as much as you can
Share it on other forums
Research proper tags
Take inspirations from best selling gigs