No orders :( please someone help me what to do?


how can I have orders?


just be patient, the orders will come. i see from your profile that you had a delivery a day ago…that is a start.


Try with buyer requests…attempts to answer before they get to the customer lots of offers


@spartancreative : thank you :slight_smile:


I think it might help when you have more than 1 gig, I would say maybe it is interesting to have at least 5 different gigs, then you are visible in different sections for different public, some old buyers might be interested in something else you are offering, and not less important, the quicker you sell the quicker you will be a 1st (and then 2nd) level seller and then you gain also a lot of reputation among buyers.


@loesje : thank you for your opinion Loesje that was really helpful :slight_smile:


You are welcome! I hope to see a lot of gigs from you very soon!