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No orders.... Rating becomes low

Hi! I am Nathalie and I am working with architecture and design. First 3 months everything were perfect! Orders, happy buyers, interesting work…

But cause of few misundersdanding with last buyer my last order was done late one month ago and unexpectedly I cannot get at all new orders during this month and my rating delivered on time each week becomes lower and lower. Thanks of this my rating answering also become lower. I really dont understand what to do. Cause as i understand Fiverr merge on first pages only the best sellers and my gigs are not there now.

What I can do in this situation? cause I want to work on fiverr a lot but dont have orders at all…


All were going well. Would you please explain what’s wrong with you? @sizeburo

Hi,1 thing u can do.make the adjustment in keywords and do some seo on your gig.thats help u in search engine of fiverr.

Hello! Thank you for answer, but I am bothering about my rating and how fiverr choose gigs for first pages… :slight_smile:

Hello! Thanks you for answering,is it easy to use seo by myself i tried but cannot understand how does it work. As i know we can use only 5 keywords on 1 gig or more?
Thanks in advance!