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No orders... Seniors please guide me!

Hi everyone! I hope all of you’re doing well.

I am not getting any orders for the past 7 months. Following is my profile link and I would be really grateful if any experienced and senior seller guides me on what needs to be improved. I am sending the buyer’s requests on daily basis and I hope to receive a response from them.

Thank you


stay patient.
I am a new seller too but I got my first order ALHAMDULLILAH by sending buyer requests,
send buyer requests and wait the right time.
till then, practice and polish your skills


Hey @pro_editiors sorry to hear that you are not getting any orders. Your profile looks good. You should check your gig keywords becouse thats help for your gig seo and its really important. you should select the right keywords for your gigs. keep sending buyer request and so some social media marketing of your gigs. hope you will get orders. good luck


Thank you! Wish you more success. I am sure I’ll get one too.


Yeah you will. Best of luck brother

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’ll act upon your suggestions. Thank you brother

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Hope you will start getting orders soon. thank you

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