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No orders since analytics issue?

Good day.

I am experiencing a weird “downer” moment right now. I noticed that since the analytics issue arose, I didn’t get any orders. Null. I’ve been waiting for two weeks, null.

Why is it weird? Because I was experiencing an influx of orders when suddenly the issue came and so did the decline of orders. Anybody experienced this? Any tips for a newbie Fiverr user like me?


Analytics issue is just a visual glitch and will not affect your stats.

It’s not about those issues. Your Gig is probably not in the first pages anymore and you are probably just unlucky or got bad stats in general. Try to update your Gig description, FAQs, thumbnails more frequently. Even try to create a video about your Gig and put it in your Gig’s thumbnail. This will increase your chances of getting sales.
Good Luck.


I am facing the same issue its probably a fiverr bug and I hope after this update this issue would be resolved

when it will be resolved? nothing happened I can see after maintenance!

You’re not alone…

Thank you for this reply. I was getting a bit nervous. Alright, I’ll do what you said. Thanks a lot!