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No orders since couple of days


Im not sure if it is happening to all sellers, but the sales are very low this days, i regularly have at least 3 or 4 sales daily, but since a couple of days i have not had any sales, i saw my analytics and the gigs have good views, but no sales, maybe is this happening for the month? maybe is bad season in general?


I also not getting order nowadays. Don’t know what had happened? Pls inform us


Hi aldodel,

It is really weird to see this issue being present by a Top Rated Seller. I don’t know what is happening to your account, but I am getting orders these days. Perhaps, you could contact support and see what is wrong with your account? Maybe something got compromised because of unconscious TOS’s violation.


Its due to the way fiverr make changes to their system everyday. It’s becoming annoying


Same is the situation here , i used to get 1-2 orders a day , but from past 3-4 days i haven’t got a single order , requests by buyers in buyer request page has also decreased and hardly there are messages to check in the inbox related to any query !

Seriously its a bad season.


Reply to @crocapy: But my gigs are lited and in good position, maybe is just a bad days…


Well if theres any Joomla experts I need some work done and tried to request a gig and denied and have 2 more requests pending. 1 for creating a mod and 1 for fixing errors with Jomsocial


I don’t know what happening but 3 days no Order.

Maybe bad season :frowning:


Reply to @aldodel: (i meant “listed”)


hi there! yep. same with me, only getting orders from previous customers, before that was getting regular orders. Orders stopped the day after going to level 1.


ok, maybe is only bad times for fiverr in general, hope soon comes to normality :-/


Same with me, orders stopped 2 weeks ago


Same happening here. I think its because fiverr now charges buyers and also they changes their system everyday. I think the bad days for fiverr are started.