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No orders since I implemented the packages

I have this lyric video that gets a lot of orders. Since Fiverr implemented it and I added them, I haven’t got 1 order 2 months now.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I think packages ruined my lyric video gig.

Hopefully fiverr decides to make packages optional for sellers so that those who it works well for can continue with them but those like you it does not work for can go back to the other way.

So there are no clicks/views or just no orders?
This is really weird since I like the way Fiverr 3 packages work (unless they confuse the buyers somehow). I did implement 3 packages but only for one of my gigs.

I don’t think they confuse though. I just added the packages so that there is no more need for the extras. 3 packages ranging from what extras are in there.