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No orders since i made my account

I made my account since couple of weeks and still haven’t recieved any order :frowning:


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Hello. Dont worry we have all been there. I didnt get any order for the first month. Keep promoting your links everyday (all social media), send buyers requests and you will get orders soon. Good luck

Maria S.

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sure i will… thanks

Same with me, I am puzzled what to do, how to get order.

I think u should start marketing of ur gigs .

Please don’t tell people to promote their links on social media every day. Do you have any idea how much that annoys people? It also doesn’t generate leads. It just makes you look sketchy.

Also, “all social media”? No. You aren’t more likely to get sales by being visible everywhere. That’s not how it works. You only use the social media your audience and community use and only when you use it properly. You don’t just post everywhere every day.


Well said @humanissocial atleast you didn’t try to pick sides this time🤣 … The Fiverr community is getting bigger and bigger and one of the ways to gain presence in by studying your marketplace for instance as a designer there a thousands of us on this platform what I try to do I to develop your work can be seen as an then back it up with some good profile set up with ideal keyword placements and you are good to go…Also send buyer request and be realistic with your pricing remember it’s a big market.
This is me though, what do I know​:joy:? Just had my first order this month since January :rofl: but i feel I am gaining presence now​:wink:

I don’t “pick sides.” I state policy, facts and ethics.

“Studying your marketplace” is great advice.

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