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No orders since last year

hey guys have been having an issue since late last year I haven’t gotten any order because I was moved from page 1 to the last page have done everything I can even contacting customer care but solution so am here for suggestions please can anybody help out thanks
here is my gig link below

The entire description being in bold makes it hard to read.

That’s just my first impression, and opinion.


okay i will work on it any other thing

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how do you have reviews 1 -2-3 months ago if you didnt get any order from last year ?

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worked for returning clients and no new contacts

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ah ! understood…they are orders already…
that happened to me a month ago and I kept working for returning buyers and now I see more new coming to my profile !

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Honestly I only see one new returning buyer and not others ! they sees new !

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yes some of them opened different account

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Then start sending buyers request and keep being online to quick reply them !

okay , have been doing that but i don t get replies from the client and am always online

At least you have some orders tho haha.
I know it feels bad but i tried so hard to get some orders and only in one year guess what…only one order…
It sucks,but don’t worry a lot of people are in the same situate as you and me. I hope you will get more orders soon.
By the way i checked your gig and it was AWESOME!
Have a good time :smile: