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No orders since March

Hi there, don’t receive any orders 7 months now, i m making all the steps with social media sharing etc etc, but even this is not helping too much. Also in the buyer requests section, they appear very rarely requests cause of my level as a seller… very frustrating.


That is so sad to hear! Anyway, try to research around and see what is on demand and create a gig accordingly.


Actually i can’t understand the reason why u don t have more buyer requests in 0 level than other levels, i mean that this is very difficult to have the opportunity to get evolve. Unless and the other levels have facing the same problem also. But for me is very rarely, 1 request per 3 or 4 days, or something like that

Uhm… isn’t this the type of thing the musicians themselves will do as part of making their own songs? Maybe that’s your problem. I haven’t met any musicians who didn’t mix their own songs. I mean, I imagine this type of gig is mostly catered towards hobby musicians, which I am referring to here.

Edit: Ok, I stand corrected. Just took a look myself. Apparently, this is a rather popular category.

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In that point of view u are right, and thats the truth, i understand that everything is matter of trust offcourse.

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Don’t copy previous posts.

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