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No orders since the beginning of the year

Hello guys,

I’ve been having some trouble with orders since February. I thought it won’t last long. I used to have more than 20k impressions and suddenly they decreased to 6k and was going even lower. I removed my gig, created a fresh new one and guess what - it didn’t work for me.

I updated my portfolio and description like 3 times, I tried everything… I even started sending requests to the buyers. I sent a message to Customer Support and they say that everything about my profile was perfect.

All of the orders I received this year were from previous clients (I guess that also means that I do my work more than just fine).

I don’t really know what to do anymore… Could anyone suggest a solution? haha

Thank you

I think deleting your previous gig was a bad idea. There should never be a reason for doing that, even if you’re not having any sales for a big period of time.

My solution is to focus working on yourself, studying the subject, trying to improve. Basicly, never stop learning and try to be the best. And for the gig, well… don’t give up. Answer buyer requests, maybe you’ll catch someone. Maybe make a video for your gig, can be you talking, or just slideshow of your work. Videos are great.

All the best,


Thanks for the advise Mike.

There are bad and good times on any seller working on fiverr but you did wrong by deleting the gig. It never helps, Older the gig, more review it would have and people are more likely to choose you then, when you will remove a gig, you are basically starting again from scratch. Just send buyer requests and i hope you will get orders.

Thank you.

Same happened to me.Impressions getting low day by day but get few orders from buyer requests