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NO orders since two weeks on my Gig!

I didn’t get any orders from buyers on my Gig. Although the number of imperssions, clicks, views is high, but there are no orders. WHY ?

Link of the Gig :

Link of the Gig 2 :

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That’s not a question anyone here can answer. Also, there are thousands of forum topics made on the basis of people not getting sales. Read some advice in other topics about sales slumps and bide your time.


If you are a new seller then use your Buyer requests properly and use catchy description to attract buyers and offer them such Services which others are not offering, this is something can help you to get orders on your Gig.

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But we can share our experience with anyone and can advice them to try what we tried and got a positive result.

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NO orders since two weeks on my Gig!

@sidahmedzerifi, you’re lucky it has only been for 2 weeks. Some sellers haven’t seen an order for months now…


THANK YOU :slightly_smiling_face:

YEAH but the problem is when i use Buyer requests.It shows “No requests found”.
Any solution ??