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No Orders till yet!

I have started nearly 2 years ago and there is no single order. please help me in sorting out this. I really wonder how they make it 100$ too in one month. I want to have the top rated seller but no one comes to my gig and I offer highly SEO optimized blog content.

Your gig descriptions are so minimal, a potential buyer is unable to assess your writing skill…but what little you say is not written well or in grammatically correct English. If someone wants any sort of writing gig in English, I can see why they would skip your gigs. This is the entire description of one of your gigs:

I will edit a blog post with my correct spellings and grammars. With best of the best fluency in English! hope someone will be interested.

Sorry, this is very poorly written English.


I was firstly thinking of the problem in that place but you made me realise it, I think I should make larger gig’s description right. Thanks Again.

you should change the picture instead of using the same generic picture for most of your gigs. Get a custom made image for your gigs, that will spice things up.

Yeah. You should change the pictures and make them more intresting. You have 3 gigs with the same image and the gig at the end the image is at the corner. It gives a bad look to your profile and people might think it’s spam because of the presentation or they don’t want to click it.