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No orders? Try these ideas! Don't give up!

Hi everyone,

I have seen a lot of topics saying that people are not getting a lot of orders. This has been the same for me too but guess what? DON’T give up! Don’t just sit there. TRY NEW THINGS.

What to do?
- Edit your gigs. Make changes to the GIG TITLE and make sure you are using the keywords of your service. Change the PRICE to be more competitive. Offer special deals. Make sure you have your keywords in your GIG DESCRIPTION as often as Fiverr will allow and let the buyer know why you are the best person for the job. Add a more attractive GIG IMAGE and make sure you save the image with the keywords. Delete gigs that have no reviews and are not performing well and create them again following the same tips for editing the gig.

- Promote your gigs. Start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL and make videos about your service and include your Fiverr link in the video description. It’s FREE. Share your gig link on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM. Start a BLOG and write articles in your niche and share your gig link.

- Don’t be discouraged. Watch motivational videos to help keep you inspired. Les Brown is a GREAT SOURCE of motivation. Use the success stories of other sellers on Fiverr to know that YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL too. Talk to other people selling on Fiverr and see what ideas they have and offer your own ideas and help each other out.

I hope you found these tips useful. These are tips I have followed myself and they work for me. I’m a LEVEL 2 SELLER with 319 ORDERS COMPLETED with 268 5-STAR REVIEWS. You can check out my gigs and my reviews:



Really good idea. It will help.

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Thank you so much for these tips.

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very nice advice for new seller like me.

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@wayesparash Thanks. We just have to do what you can to get those orders.

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@rishaan_bhagat You’re welcome! Be sure to put them in place.

@leebriveraa Great! All the best with your online business.

@jabbaranimater Thanks!

@acelawla thanks for your advice. Keep up the great work!!!

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@annservices28 You’re welcome! Thanks and I know you will be doing the same :grinning:

Hey, can gig title be changed?

@charlesdike Yes, the gig title can be changed. Just edit the gig by clicking on Selling, then Gigs. Look for the gig that you want to edit the title for. There is an arrow on the far right. Click in and choose Edit and then you will find the Gig Title in the Overview section. Make the necessary edit and then Save.

Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes it is discouraging when a week or two goes by without any orders. But, I won’t give up. I have been promoting and hoping that I will see some good results in the months to come especially during the summer.


@mgordo1 You’re welcome! That’s the right attitude to have :grinning:

Thanks for the great advice,

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@barneygurl You’re welcome :grinning:!

Thanks, I will try that

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Excellent ideas!. Worth to follow. Thanks!

@emesve Great! You’re welcome.