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No Orders...:( (what am i doing wrong?)

I’ve been on fiverr for month and no orders, what am i doing wrong???

Tony knew there was somebody in the dark, chilly room, the small window on the end of the room creaked open, letting the diamond moonlight enter, he wondered how a breeze could possibly enter, if they were in a cave!! Then suddenly, as if out of thin air , his father crept out from under the table! A dazed look reigned his face, he had black circles showing infinite fatigue under his eyes. He managed to stand up, but failed and said “blegoo woogie” This wasn’t as terrifying to Tony, as it is for you, but what he said afterwards was what chilled Tony:

“Hey son! wanna come and chill with me under the table and blow at windows?”

As in, that is hardly a crazy story. I certainly would not buy a gig based on that. In addition to this some of the grammar on your writing gigs is not that appealing. You do not even say how much you are going to write for somebody.

Reply to @ryangillam: Thnx for the tip. I’ll try hard and improve!

I believe it’s called ‘purple prose’.

You could take a look in tips for sellers.

they have some good things there.

If you haven’t made a video yet , this is also a good idea!

Same Case Here

Reply to @kitsaros: I am loving your positive spirit!

Thank you for contributing here!

Reply to @kitsaros: Why does it matter to delete all gigs? Is it in any way negative to have several gigs at once?

Hope I don’t have the same destiny. Thought I registred today. ^^

I would say to proofread your work. You have some grammatical errors and spelling errors. Also, in just about all your gigs, your gig details are vague and you don’t say exactly what you will deliver. And, perhaps you can change some tags which probably are not benefiting you such as “high quality” or your misspelled tag of “proffesional”.

Perhaps you can offer something else on Fiverr? There are punctuation and grammatical errors in your gig description that will turn off many buyers. Find something that you are great at and offer here. Respectfully, your writing needs improvement before you can shine. :slight_smile:

Better descriptive gigs will enhance the user views and poissble generate more income.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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