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No orders...what can I do?

Guys check my profile and give me advice for improve my gigs.

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You keep posting this and you have received help from others including myself.

If you type “how to get orders” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject. Take time to read them and learn from them.

Just waiting for orders to come flooding in and making the same post over and over again isn’t going to work!


Are you religious?

Whenever I’m in the middle of a sales nosedive, I simply say a payer to Burson-Marsteller while burning a lock of leprechaun hair. It usually works.

Alternatively, you could take that catchy “Guys check my profile” line and slather it like sticky sacrificial marketing blood far and wide across the expanse of the Internet. That way, you’ll at least get some off-forum marketing exposure.

This looks correct and is not nice forum etiquette. Perhaps if we combine your posts into one thread it will show how odd it looks. Here we go…


Hi everyone…why buyers don’t send me orders? Check my profile and give me any advice for improving my profile for buyers…Thank You

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If you want help try using the word “please” demanding stuff is a turn-off to users.

You also, posted in the wrong category Tips for Sellers – it’s for YOU to offer tips to other Sellers. Your post was moved to Improve My Gig.

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Orders are not going to just flood in because you created a gig. Look at buyer requests and start sending bids there.

Also, on one of your gigs you claim 100% overall rating. This is a red flag for me since you have no ratings. It comes off as very dishonest.

which gig? what are you talking about?

Check my profile and give me any advice for improve my gigs because buyer doesnt contact me.

Don’t wait for buyers to contact you!

Check this out for how to get orders:

best websites to create gig videos to improving my gigs?


In my opinion the best website to create videos I know is Powtoon but you have to pay to access all the features and be Premium but I recommend you buy a Gig here at Fiverr, it’s much easier and cheaper, there are vendors who charge only $5 to make Fiverr Gigs Videos.

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I’m new on Fiverr…check my profile and give me any advice to improve my gigs.

Hi Everyone…I’m a graphic designer and also a new member on Fiverr…Give me any advice to improve gigs and profile.

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but i am new brother mn ne fist timne post ka ha gig

You just have to do unique and attractive things in your gig. Its like your pics are unique. You must have to add video. That is the best way to improve your gig and find more impressions.

You can check out the top sellers accounts to learn from them.

i am new too , huhuhu…

Now you can see all the answers you’ve been given as well as all your requests in one place. I suggest that you do some reading if you still want tips and give the “asking” a rest.


You can provide bids on Buyers request. You can market your gig on social media to get you first few orders. At the end, professionalism and quality of work matters