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No orders what i do wrong?


After reading the forum, adhered to the tips created a new thread. But orders were never there. What is wrong?


@ardnec, Forum posts should be in English, so anyone can underdstand you.


Please post in English


for new sellers, orders cannot come up to them easily and hurriedly
wait for some time more and keep doing offers on buyer requests and try to make your gigs simple and complete


i haven’t received any orders from 6 months what can i do ??


basic issue of ardnec …no order found yet while he created new thread after getting tips on fiverr forum


Hello, there are a few small mistakes in grammar in your gig. Since it is translation that needs to be perfect. Full sentences, complete with periods at the end, are the best thing to use.

Also, your two most expensive gig packages say 6 words or 3 words as what you will provide when you actually mean something else.


Thanks. I will improve concerts, as well as English.


Hmm… The irony! :roll_eyes: @misscrystal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We might have identified the problem.

It reminds me of a friend who was excited about applying for a job as a translator at the CIA. He was excellent at English in conversation, as well as Romanian, but wasn’t as good at writing it. He didn’t get the job.


You’re quite right to use concerts as a translation for gigs - a concert is a gig, but a Fiverr gig isn’t a concert - hope that makes sense. Not sure how you could translate it to be honest! :slightly_smiling_face:


@smiler3d That was a very astute analysis of why he chose the word “concert”. Some concerts are a gig and some aren’t. But a gig is never a concert.

Gig means a small job, usually done one time.


To be honest, I thought the OP meant “concerns.” :slight_smile:


I thought he meant “contents”.

Actually, I think the word “gig” did mean an informal small musical performance, used mostly for rock concerts. I think it morphed into meaning any small one time job. I used to hear bands saying they had a gig to play somewhere.


It is still commonly used in the music industry :smiley:


The description of your “Make your family tree” Gig is in ukrainian: you should rewrite it in English.
That Gig is listed under Lifestyle/Family and Genealogy but it doesn’t belong to that category; you just arrange a series of photos in order to render the graphic representation of a family tree, without doing any kind of genealogic research. It should be listed under Photoshop Editing.


The people who would want to buy that are interested in geneology of their family usually. I worked on our family tree and considered that to be a nice way of displaying our family members.


:smiley:best enough to learn …yeah spoken and English witting have great differences


you used the same tips recheck your gigs and make corrections


i feel the same but surprisingly someone messaged me and i may have a buyer, i just cant msg him since our time zones are different and where he is its 4am