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No orders what i do wrong?


welcome to community !
best of luck for surprises:grinning: sometimes its effects responsive time bcx of time difference but well manage them


I agree with you on this


Thank you sarah,
could you please give some recommendations?


Hello ! Dont worry. The number one rule is to be patient. Make gigs you are proud of, they look professional and promote them everyday. Be patient and it will happen. Greetings from Greece

Maria S.


thank you all, much more needs to be learned and everything will be ok


After seeing the question of why sellers don’t get orders asked hundreds of times on the forum, the one thing many have in common is mistakes in English.


i have checked my gigs and there aren’t any mistakes so where is the problem now


The problem is that you don’t see the mistakes, starting from the title:

I will translate from english to arabic and vise versa


thanks for advice. do you have any recommendations else ??


To get help for your Gig you should open a new topic in Improve my Gigs.

You should fix the other errors in the description.
The definitions of your packages are also wrong.