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No orders.......... What should i do?


This is my profile link
Please suggest me to improve my GIG, what should I do so that I get work on FIVERR


In order to earn work, service providers connect to their target customers, and find ways to encourage those customers to hire them. Are you reaching out to your potential customers and showing them how you can solve their problems?


No, I do not see buyer requests


Buyer Requests are not the only way to reach your target customers.


Then what is the way that I can reach them


I didn’t say anything about buyer requests. I said, you are going to need to connect to your target customers – wherever they can be found – and convince them to hire you. The Buyer Requests section on Fiverr is not where the majority of your customers are located.

You’re new to this whole business thing, aren’t you? Who are your customers? Who are you intending to offer your services to? Research and find those people. Then, connect with them wherever they can be found. This is what we call marketing.

Your Fiverr gigs are a business. Only those who treat their gigs like a business are likely to see significant success. Fiverr is NOT and easy-money website. If this is what you are expecting, then it’s time to rethink your Fiverr strategy.


Thanks for your advice @jonbaas

I understand the whole process, thank you so much


You have to send 10 buyer request daily


How to process? Let me tell a little.


same i have no order somedays


There are a lot of grammar mistakes in your gig description. This is probably what is turning potential buyers off.
For example, “you are at right place” should be “you are in the right place.”
“I can ensure you that you will be amazed” might be technically correct, but it’s awkwardly worded. Something like “I can ensure you will be amazed” flows better.
“You have anything else to be done” should be “If you have anything else that needs to be done”

There are other areas that could be cleaned up, but those are just some of the first few errors/awkward wording I spotted.


thank you so much @jenihiggs