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No orders............... what to do


Can you guys check my gigs and tell me what need to be changed.


Everything that happens takes a good time. :slight_smile:
The 1st thing you need to have is ’ patience '.
After that you need to promote your gigs.
Read up the avialable articles in the Fiver blog and check the podcast also. It will help you in getting your order and inmpoving your performance.


Usually when you have both views and impressions but no orders it means that your gigs are either not what the clients need, or the clients analyze similar gigs from multiple sellers and other sellers’ gigs are better suited for their needs than your gigs.

So the problem is that your gigs don’t convert to sales, which means there’s either too much competition for what you do (and I’m referring to competitor gigs that have tons of orders and reviews which are usually preferred by clients), or your gigs don’t appeal that much to potential clients.

I recommend taking a look at what your competitors are doing, and then find out how you can make your gigs better and more unique & attractive than your competitors’ gigs.



If you want to get more orders you should check the prices of your gigs that you are offering on FIVERR no doubt when you will offer gigs in very reasonable prices then i am sure you will get more and more orders, provided that you will have to make your buyers happy in very small amount like $5, $10, $15 etc.



I suggest reading the responses from these two topics:


This is very helpful… thank you!


My gig is not being a cell
Will anyone give me a review?


My gig is not being a sell
Will anyone give me a review?


i get one order and after that no order because i change my gig title.before changing title 3 or 4 clients contact with me.but now zzzzzzzzzz


Then either change your title back, or to something else. If something doesn’t work, you fix it. Why are you doing nothing – why are you not experimenting to find something else that does work?