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NO orders what to do?

It has been a month since i started working with fiverr but i only got one order ?? is there any tips to improve my selling?

Don’t worry, it took me several moths to obtain my first order. When your first order arrive and You have a good revision, your GIGs will be more visible, and new order arrives faster.

Sorry for my english.

I only see 1 order in your profile, its better put as more as you can.

@ghada_f, the first few sales are the most difficult to obtain. Two things that you could do to help you get those needed few sales:

1 - Make sure that you have set up your Gigs properly. There are sellers that offer to review your Gigs and suggest improvements.
2 - Promote out of Fiverr, most especially on social networks. You will also find sellers who offer to do that for you, just make sure that you hire the services of someone with a good track record.

It will come, but the sooner you do the above, the sooner you will start making sales, then the ball will start to roll.

Best wishes,


Hey sarah thank you sorry for late response and dont be sorry about your english im not good either thank you so much

If you want to get noticed so people see your gig, be original, use interactive images and videos as most people have never seen them and they will make you really stand out from the crowd.