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No orders when I started fiverr

Hello everyone, I started on fiver more than 1 year back still now I don’t have any orders. How do I get orders when I made gigs? People watch my gigs but no one orders? I would feel appreciated if anyone help me.


You have no gigs live. I imagine that could be why…


You don’t appear to have any gigs on display!


Send buyer request daily basis…

@nomansheikh88 The OP has no gigs on display!

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@lloydsolutions That is problem!

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@anzar277 you Active your GIG, then you send Buyer request, you get order i hope

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I made my gigs live and nothing worked. Can you see my gigs ma’am?

How do I send the buyers?

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Ma’am would u mind of asking how do I send buyers request?

I see your gig is now active.

Check this out:

Check daily your Buyer Request option in Fiverr profile