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No orders yet (advice needed!)

Hello Guys,
I’m a newbie and have been struggling to get any orders can anyone suggest some tips and tricks.
Thanks, have a nice day

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I am new too here. I am waiting for first order and waiting for some of tips that can help me to get first order.

Hey, it’s a great pleasure to see you aboard Fiverr. I can assure you it’s a great app that can guarantee you a great future. :ok_hand:

One way to get ahead is to ensure that your gigs are properly set up. This ranges from your pricing to your description (most importantly).

Also, I woul advise you to take all the tests linked to your service. Getting a good score on your Basic English test could be a good start. It will increase your chances of being trusted by potential buyers of your gig.

Hope this helps you.

Good luck in your quest​:muscle::+1:


thank you Atobateleolanre will be taking tests asap

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same here. I am waiting for first order :neutral_face: