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No orders yet and am 7 months old in fiverr

kindly help ! what could be the reason?


It is not permitted to prepare academic work (such as essays) on behalf of buyers.

Please read the Terms of Service here:


what should i do to get it permitted

Become CEO of Fiverr.

It is NOT permitted, nor will it be permitted. You have to accept the Terms of Service which you agreed to when signing up to the platform.


Just like what @vibronx said, You are not allowed to offer academic and essays.
Plus, you should know that fiverr buyer looking for professional seller.
Your page only have 1 NOT ALLOWED GIG?
7 Month startting on Fiverr and you only have 1 GIG?
I don’t think you aren’t being serious as seller.

This is what most new seller problem today…, they never want to learn.
Read and learn from this forum. There are tons tips and information you could gain from this forum.

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