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NO orders yet ! badly need help!

Here is my profile
I havent received any orders yet…i am eagerly waiting to get an order… can you guys give me some tips on it…


I looked at your profile and looks like you just joined with a new registered account this month. You’ve also chose one of the most popular and easiest Gigs to do, so it’s no surprise. Your Gig has to compete with every single Gig. Also, as a new seller, it is hard to get an order. You would need to wait a few weeks /months more to get your first order. Just to note: for a new seller, it takes quite some time to get your first order and be patient and don’t give up. Also improve your Gig description and pricing a bit.


Thank you soo much for your feedback…hope so i will get some orders… waiting for it.

Please send buyer request regular and there is many article of “Sending way of buyer request”

Please send buyer request regular 10nos