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No Orders yet! I\'m a New Seller!

One of my friend recommended fiverr to me. I have joined it but I dont see any orders yet. How does it work please? Should I bid somewhere or will get orders automatically? Can someone help?

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Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

As a new seller, I highly suggest you not to have gig extras, but deliver them for the basic gig price of $5. This is really important because you’ll have lower prices than experienced sellers and you will have way bigger chance of getting first few orders. Also, the first few orders are crucial, because in the beginning one bad rating will probably destroy all the chance of getting orders. So be kind, respond quickly and deliver ASAP. Also you should over-deliver to get some nice comments. Also give unlimited revisions!

Few other things I have on my mind. Work on your description a bit. Use bold letters to make it more eye-catching. And probably the most important thing is - use Buyer request section. You have some great tips on this forum on how to properly use Buyer request section.

Have a great day!

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I’m a new seller too but have few orders completed. I got all my orders through buyer’s request. Just keep bidding till you have an order.

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Some sellers get orders same day and for some it can take upto days
You are new here,Maybe you are very experienced logo designer,But people usually check reviews in first place.
Some buyers are protective about their investments but there are people who gives chance to new seller as well.
Promote your gig on social media,Send some offers in buyer requests section
and try to be online/available on fiverr this can improve your chances in getting your first sale.
Once you managed to level up with all 5 stars rating,You’r good to go
Patience is very important
Goodluck ahead.

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Thanks Jhallawall, meaning once I have my first order, I will then get other orders. But How can I know that I’m being watched? Should I post my gig to my FB friends?

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Congrats! Just pray for me too :slight_smile:

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Yes its very basic,The more reviews you have the better trust you make and you gig ranks higher because of sales

I received my first order 10 days later after creating a gig
Initially i used to get 1-2 orders barely but then flow improved

You can go to
Selling => My Gigs and Click your gig too check the users activity going on your gig

Share your gig anywhere FB,Twitter wherever you want
Just don’t buy traffic,Paid traffic is not organic sometimes and can lead to problems

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You are amazing! Thanks for your great help. Just wish me all the best for my first order.

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I started a thread a few months ago where I was recounting my first 6 months here on Fiverr. I stopped updating it after a while because admins kept moving it from category to category, and it became rather irritating sharing tips and stories, only to have them pushed away into a category where they were apt to receive less views. At any rate, the sellers who read them seem to appreciate them, and I invite you to check them out at Everybody’s experience will be different on Fiverr, but at least this way you can see a real-world example of how my journey started out.

Well, I’ve shared a handful number of tips here on making your first sale here on Fiverr as a new seller. I’ve applied each and everything from the list and I’m a level 1 seller under 1 month!

Here it is:

Wow! Will certainly check!

  1. you’ve to be patient.
  2. Don’t do one gig. Try to add other gigs such as: designing your business card and other kinds of design in order to have more opportunities.
  3. As a new seller you must be satisfied with good price (not low nor high)
  4. Don’t put too much difference between the Packages ($5-$20-$35). It’s better to put as the following ($5-$10-$15) becuase It’s not high price for someone to test your service for the first time.
  5. Share your gig.
    Wish you all the best
  1. You should change your Tagline and Description in your profile to English. As all buyers don’t understand the language you used they might skip over you.
  2. You should use your real pic or any avatar for your profile picture. Now you got an image from Google keyword- “cute Indian girl selfies”. That would help as well.

Well, you already know all tricks.

If you continue making multiple accounts, It’ll not help you. I’ve seen you making unnecessary posts/comments on this forum (with different accounts) to gain attention. Honestly saying, Making new threads or commenting on this forum will not help you to get orders.

I suggest you continue with one account and deactivate other accts. (already banned by Fiverr or you de-activated it)

I would think your skill set can be applied to many gigs other than Logos. I am thinking (if you can) it may help to broaden your offering…to include sayvarious types of Headers for say Facebook and Web Pages… Also Logos themselves can be used in many ways…and maybe you can aid in that… I hope this was helpful.

The tips that everybody gave were very correct, i created my fiverr account about two weeks now, i first created one their was no order, i later created another gig after five days and on that very day i made my adverts on facebook group, twitter, google+ and buyer request, believe me the first order came from buyer request,
My advice to the sellers is that they should try to join facebook groups that relate to your niche as many as possible, join google+ communities as many as possible, make use of twitter, Instagram, fiverr buyer request, and other forums in order to get more reviews and orders

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I am new to fiverr, too :slight_smile: I would like to thank you for the great tips and the nice community :slight_smile:
And I want to wish logo_reine the best and good sells.

Greetings from Germany

Hi Eva
I just checked out your profile - your gigs are really nice.
Happy to have you in the community :slight_smile:
Greetings to you in Germany, from me in Jerusalem :slight_smile: May

As a newbie, you should check Buyer request option and sent proposal…also you can gig marketing using social media and first you should low cost offer to your buyer.

Best of luck you will do great