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No orders yet? Lets help eachother

hello everyone!
I am new to fiver and I have spent many time and almost 60+ customer request received and i offered them my services but still did not get any order.
can anyone help me?


I am same like you have no get order yet.

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since how long you have there on Fiver ?

i am here from 4 months.

I am here since almost a year but didn’t get any response other than customer request.

man i am sailing in the same boat as you, may the gods of Fiverr help us all.


Indeed , hoping for the best!

yes same here i requested 460 offers in 4 months m since here from march.

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same here! hoping someone will come up with any good suggestions!
Fingers crossed

ok hope for good. God help us.

We cannot do anything to ensure that you “get orders”. Earning orders is up to you, since YOU are the provider of the services you are offering. As far as the BR section, are you taking the time to write personalized offers to each buyer? Are you explaining exactly how and why you are the best seller for the job? Are you carefully selecting the offers you respond to, to make sure that they are the best match for your skills?

Please keep in mind, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. It WILL take time before you start finding success at bringing in orders. It could be months – it could be a year. There are no guarantees that anyone will have orders here – especially from BR – just because they want them.

Be aware too that there could be 100+ other sellers sending responses to the same buyers you present offers to. What are you doing to present yourself as the better seller than all of those other people? Fiverr is a highly competitive site. What actions are you taking to overcome (and be better than) all of your competition?


First of all thank you for your kind response.
Yes, I do write personalized offers and explain my offer to every buyer, But did not even received a single message in inbox for further conversation. I am just wondering if my account has any problem for not receiving a single reply for my offers.

Yes, I do research about my work and I practice to write a good content (Actually I did write for offline customers but on Fiver I did not get any opportunity till now).

Your information and guidance is quite helpful and I will wait for my good time to come!

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No, it isn’t your account’s fault that you aren’t winning orders from the buyer request section. Your success in the BR section is 100% the result of the type of offers YOU send to buyers, how well YOU present yourself, how well YOU define your skills in offering a solution to those buyers, and how well YOU communicate.

Your success, both in earning orders, and completing those same orders, is 100% up to you.


Thank you so much!
I will work more on that.

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Check this out:

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