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No orders yet... Not sure why

Can some of you check out my revolutionary weight loss gig to see what is triggering a lot of views and clicks but I don’t have a single order yet. I am literally giving away a deal for a program that could be worth hundreds of dollars as it went through very rigorous testing before I was ready to launch it here on Fiverr.

I am really unsure why so many people would view/click on my gig, and yet not order it. I tried my best to do a great job presenting my gig, but haven’t seen a single order yet.

I need some external feedback. Thank you.

Here is the link to the gig:

Have you been marketing and promoting that gig to the exact targeted customers that need your services? Or are you waiting for them to randomly find you? If the people that need your service don’t know where to find you, how can you expect to receive orders?

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So far, I have not marketed any of my gigs actively and I have received some orders for each one of them. This hasn’t happened for this gig yet.

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What would you suggest is the best way of doing what you are suggesting. Thanks a lot!

Every market is different. You’re going to have to be creative and figure this out on your own.