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No orders yet, please help me

Hi, I’m new to fiverr. I don’t have orders yet. Please help me.


Hi alwishthamasha!

For new buyers, getting an order seems tiring for few weeks and even for some months. Its totally depends on the niche of your gig, sometimes it is in demand and sometimes it is not. So, patience is the first key.

Secondly would recommend some tips.

  • Promote your gigs off to Fiverr e.g. social apps and media, groups with the higher audience with same interest etc.

  • re-check your tags of gigs, sometimes the tags we put in gigs are irrelevant and does not bring traffic.

  • Check your grammar and sentence structure in your gig descriptions, Sometimes it is the only problem in the gig, which pops-up buyers to not proceed further.

  • Increase the number of gigs, sometimes it works wonders.

  • Last but not the least is, ping in buyer requests section as much as you can. Send them portfolios of your work and win the argument by writing a top-notch proposal in gig reply.

For further gig improvement tips, Read This.

Hope it is helping.


Thank you for your support…

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Thank you so much …

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