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No ORDERS yet...Shall I announce my failure hhhhh

hhh… Shall I wait? My patience is about to vanish

Can you share your experiences with me? How much time have u waited till u got a job?

More than 10 days i waited for my first sale
I started selling on fiverr very late in 2015

The Competition was less i guess a year before,Now a days a lot of people are trying to sell their gigs

You should wait some more time,use other selling tips like Sharing,Optimizing your gig
You will get sales Inshallah

Hope so, Thanks for your reply jhallawalla

hope to hear happy news soon. '(-

I also had to wait for some time before i received my first order, i took a look into your gigs it seems nice i 'am not an expert but i think you should focus also on another language maybe it could sell better you can add another gig in english since your good at it, anyway good luck sousy

You’ve only been here a month. It can take weeks, months and years to become a successful seller. As a rule, whenever you don’t have sales, you should be editing and improving your gigs and profile, and fine tuning your off fiver marketing strategy.

It’s hard work, but those that stick with it do often become successful.

Whether or not you are patient. The orders come in when they come in.
There is nobody thinking ‘Hey, she lost her patience. Let’s order.’

People wait a long time in some cases. One critical step for you is to take the picture of a child off of your profile. It doesn’t match your gigs, it looks unprofessional, and depending on where you got it, it may be illegal. Your username paired with that is not good either. Good luck.

Oh look, another “writer”.

Yeah, announce your failure. Bye!

Try sending out orders to buyer requests you can make 10 per day and that worked well for me.

Thanks a lot for your reply,Maria, and for giving a look to my gigs.

I decided to make just two gigs in which I may give an excellent perfect work.

It is true that I can translate from Arabic to English easily, but I prefered to make just a gig about translating from English to Arabic since it is my first language and I can make sure that I leave no space for any kind of mistakes…

I will stick here with it till become a successful one. I just hope it will not take months and years as you said

Actually, even patience needs support to hold on…

Thanks for the advice, but I am sincere with myself first, and I decided to sell only what I can do perfectly.

Being fascinated with writing is a fact that I can do perfectly with the Arabic language and my gigs are a simple reflection of that.

Thanks a lot for the advices. I will take them into consideration

NO, bye to failure only. I am still here

Thanks for sharing the tip, simi. I just lately paid attention to buyer requests.