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No orders yet! Suggestions/advice


Hey guys! Happy New Year. I joined Fiverr on Oct 2018 and have received just 4 orders so far. I have looked up several tips to improve my gigs and have tried to implement them. I’m not able to share my fiverr gigs on social media for personal reasons. I can’t make buyer requests for some reasons because I keep seeing ‘No offers left’ and ’ You must have at least 90% rating to make requests.’ I have a rating of 4.5. I’m really looking to make some money on here and would really like some advice on how to improve my gigs as well as any other criticism.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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This is the title to one of your gigs. " I Will Help In Probability, Statistics,Maths And Econ Assignments".

This is in the description of one of your other gigs, “Personalised one-on-one lesson with examples, exam prep and homework help

I recommend reading the Fiverr ToS, as your gigs violate policy. You cannot offer to do homework assignments.

As for buyer requests, you can access them again once your rating has improved. However, this wont matter if you don’t edit your gigs.


Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

The above is taken from the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.


Your gig breaks Fiverr TOS.

Furthermore, your English isn’t bad, but it definitely isn’t perfect. There are grammatical mistakes etc that make it clear you aren’t a native English speaker.

As you’re new to fiverr, I’d recommend actually underselling your services a bit just so you can build up some good reviews and ratings first, before increasing your prices. This is my personal opinion, others may disagree, but it’s a strategy that worked for me.

Adding gig videos definitely helps- consider adding a short video introducing each gig rather than your basic stock photos.


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll delete the gig immediately. I didn’t realise it was a ToS violation which is my mistake.


Thanks for your reply. Could you please elaborate on the part where you say there are a few grammatical errors? I’ve spoken English my entire life so this comes as a bit of a shock to me. However, that’s doesn’t mean I’m not open to cristism.
I will take down the assignment gig. It was my mistake since I didn’t clearly read the ToS. I have started the other 2 gigs at $5 to make sure I offer my services at a competitive rate since I am a new seller.
I have included a video on my article, blog and content writing gig.


Gig deleted. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


“You’ve landed on the right gig I provide amazing, dynamic and effective content.”
Should probably have a comma between “gig” and “I”.

“I am versatile and well-keep which means I can write on any topic provided it does not clash with my ethics.”
What do you mean by “Well-keep”? This doesn’t make sense, and isn’t actually a phrase. “Well kept” exists, but means tidy- it doesn’t make sense here.

“Yes, I am but I would advise you to provide any specific guidelines if possible as there may sometimes vary based on the institution or organization.”
The question starts with “can you”, so this should say “yes, I can”, not “yes, I am”.
“As there may sometimes vary”- doesn’t make sense. You could say “As there may sometimes be variations” or “as guidelines may vary”.

" I’m an actuarial science graduate, tutor for 6 years & passionate writer which means I uniquely placed to provide services that involve data entry and data analysis, risk management," Should say “I AM uniquely placed”

“I can be able to write articles, website content, blog posts among other freelance writing tasks.” Doesn’t make sense. You could say “I can write articles” or “I am able to write articles”.

These are just from your SEO gig- you might want to consider hiring a proofreader to check your gigs and profile for a more in depth analysis of all of your content.

Your grasp of English is great as a non-native speaker! But it’s not strong enough to be advertising gigs as an English writer- your level of proficiency isn’t at even a native high school level due to the errors in grammar and lack of necessary punctuation in certain areas. I would recommend sticking to advertising your other services such as with maths and science, or writing in your native language, as any native or fluent speakers who are looking for writers in English will be able to tell almost immediately that the level isn’t up to par.


I appreciate you pointing out those errors. I’m confident in my ability to deliver quality content. My “native” language is not one I can write let alone read in. I have been speaking, reading and writing in English as far as I can remember.
I find there’s some problem using the formatting on Fiverr. I guess it’s the little things I’ve not paid attention to on here that have led you to have the impression that my English isn’t close to that of a native high school. I’ve studied the British curriculum all through my academic life. I feel it’s best for me to copy and paste text to my gig description rather than do it directly on Fiverr since the editing really frustrated me. For the bio or rather the description that appears after my name I thought it would be best to keep it short so most of it would be displayed under my name but I didn’t consider the grammatical error there as well. Thanks for the critism!


I guess it’s important to bear in mind that even a lot of Native English students who have done all their education in England/America aren’t necessarily going to be cut out to be writers; my comment certainly wasn’t intended to offend.

If you’re advertising a writing gig though, any “little errors” are going to immediately put off any prospective buyers, so if you are indeed at a much higher level than the impression I got, then that’s great! You need to make sure that is reflected in your advertising.


I was definitely not offended. It would be wrong to call the mistakes “little” since they reflect badly on me. What I meant was that the recklessness on my part was partly due to the fact that I did no proofreading since I edited out a lot of content from the description since there was a character limit. I appreciate your criticism.
As for your suggestion about focusing on more gigs related to Maths I have been trying to come up with more gig ideas but actuarial science is such a niche service I doubt I would sell competitively on Fiverr. I have been tutoring for 6 years now but my tutoring gig hasn’t been performing well either. I guess I’m frustrated and need to search for ways to improve my gigs. Thanks again!