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NO ORDERS YET While being online

About having 2 months, no any orders while being online whole night on desktop even on day using mobile app, but still not getting orders… please tell what to do ??


I don’t know what you should do but being online doesn’t affect anything. You can be seen as online maximum for only 6,8 hours, I think.


All says be online be online, then what should i do to get the orders… i have six gigs also

I would say try the buyer’s request section.
I think there are 3 reasons people not ordering from your gig.

  1. For a data entry gig you got a 1 star.
  2. Hashtag, word cloud, background removal gigs are most saturated gigs in Fiverr right now. Almost half of the Fiverr gigs are background removal.
  3. If you are not fluent in French, Portuguese I don’t think anyone ever will consider your translation service.

Gigs with little bit higher skill ceilings may work like your chalkboard poster etc… So maybe improve that :man_shrugging:


you say you are always online but check your response rate and also your profile is not genuine as first you mention translation gig in which you mention 4 languages…I don’t think so that you can manually translate no buyer can trust on this and second thing your 1 star rating which down the impression of your profile…

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Thank you so much for your brief answer, I just thought exact the same… but I know Instagram Hashtag gigs are just few below 1k, so I need to create… Although in data entry I got my first order and buyer gave me negative rating don’t know why…
But I create my all gigs with proper SEO, now what should I do to word cloud, translation gigs

And how to manage my 1star ranking how to improve this, I just listened by someone that after 60 days it will disappear . please guide me detailed thanks alot. I think I found you, getting your answers i am experiencing so good.

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This was 2 month ago, it was very sudden when I sleep because I was ill and not be keep ill so I rested that time buyers message came. and I couldn’t answer … But now I am being remain online much time… not getting buyers messages. Thanks

You are belongs to wrong way. Did you not sleep during 2 months? If you have slept, you are misleading fiverr buyers. Because when you sleep, buyer will say you are not sleeping.
So you have broken fiverr rule. Don’t do that.

Many people are getting orders while they are offline ( sleeping). I also have got multiple orders when I was sleeping.

It is true that Some buyers usually find online sellers for some immediate works.
But Service is important. You have to offer good service. Then Buyer will buy your service.

Now you may delete your gigs and create again those by more research on best selling gigs ( get idea) . Make SEO friendly title and description. I hope you will get order.

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Same here I also being online but all vain :sob:

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Be patience. I hope you Will be succeed and achieve more order. Try to active in fiverr and send buyer request properly. All the best.

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Keep sending buyer requests. Be active online. Insha-allah, Better days are coming. Be patience.

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Every day 10 buyer request send
Every day gig share on social media
Every day gig post on web2.0 and forum posting site. To get impression, click and order.

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Try to active more
and must be send buyer request every day


That’s definitely not true. There are quite a number of forum users who are fatigued from constantly countering the “always be online” BS.


Not loose hope dear, INSHALLAH all things will be okay in some days just do your hard work and improve the valuable skills.

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read fiverr tips for sellers

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Thanks all for your precious time and much valuable advicing. Thank You

Thanks, I read all and everything… while also remaining online

What being online means to you? Being online just for being online does not make any sense. Use your time wisely, be productive while you don’t get any orders. Learn more about Fiverr and how you can be successful here, learn more about online and content marketing (outside Fiverr that you can share your gigs and add value to your “business”), work on building a solid portfolio… the list can go on and on. I successful seller is to busy to “be online” waiting.


don’t worry i get my first work 9 month later . so stay remain online