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No orders

hello folks , few weeks ago i had started on fiverr in two weeks i had design many brands but now since last week i don´t received orders. i don´t know if this happend because i had a gig with 90% of positives votes. what can i do? must delete this gig and make it again? ty

Hi :

Me also, no orders, because there is a lot of gigs, which means a huge competition.

And competition is good, I say that even I didn’t sold anything, because it makes people more creative, and that’s good for buyers.

90% is actually considered pretty low in terms of positive reviews.

It happened to me too, since 1 week no orders. I have 100% positive feedback :frowning:

Well then folks. It’s time to do what any person that runs a business would do.


Do you have an E-Mail address? Facebook page? Twitter? Family? Friends?

If you answered yes to one or all of the above than what are you waiting for?

Promote your gigs!!!

Fiverr, like anything else in the world will not do it for you.

You are responsible for your own success or failure. No sales? Start promoting!

You said it!! bigbadbilly!

Couple of problems:

  1. The logos are not that good compared to some other sellers on Fiverr. People would choose those others based on quality of work examples.

  2. Your feedback (which is appalling!) seems to indicate that you do not listen to what client’s requirements are. If you do not do that then nobody will order from you.

  3. You do not do brand design. You do logo design. Logo Design is just a small portion of brand design. Since you are not highlighting the fact that you design logos in your gig description (which is remarkably confusing by the way!) people are going to give you a skip because they simply do not know what you are offering.

    That’s about it.

I would re-do it if it is at 90% feedback because consumers are going to look at this as a low value product. I am not saying your services were less than satisfactory, it would just save you a lot of grief making a new one. Let me know if you need help!

@leecarso - Even if he deletes the gig and makes a new one, his rating is going to still be what it is now. Deleting a gig doesn’t change your rating. It simply removes the gig. But your rating remains.

Hi there,

I can promote your gig among 2 million Facebook members 2 day.

If you are interest, please check out my gig

Good luck for your future works!!!

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same here, joined fiverr around 1 year ago but only got 2 orders :frowning:

@mastershare - I never understood your type of gigs.

If you can promote a gig to so many people why not just promote your own gig and get sales from promoting your own. If I could promote a gig to 2 million people. I would promote my own gig for sure, not someone elses.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Do not misunderstand. I thought to help you. You can see my buyers are very satisfied and I have enough sales. Anyway, Good Luck!!!

I’m assuming English is not your first language.

What I mean is: Why don’t you sell your own gig to these people? IF you know 2 million people than why not get them to buy your own gig instead of posting here?

@mastershare Not trying to insult you but I’ve been reading some threads today and you keep jumping out of nowhere using this very same copy-pasted answer to promote your services.You’re not helping simply by promoting your gig to a seller who’s asking for suggestions and ideas.This is tiring, honestly I don’t mean to hurt you but it’s silly (pardom me the phrase) to highjack threads without even the slightest effort to alter your content.This is spammy and leads me to the conclusion that your promotion services on social media are of the same nature… :frowning:

@freedomlogo You have already some potential buyers - those who have already ordered your gig!Why don’t you send them a message letting them know that you offer a promo discount (Pay 1 Get 2) on your services?I’m not saying this will really work but from my experience I had my first orders on new releases (new gigs) from clients who had ordered from me a few days back.It’s not bad or spammy to inform an existing buyer for any special offer you run!

And it may be tiring to work double the time to only get 1 gig each, but there’s always the possibility to receive positive feedback from some of them.

Another idea is to contact those buyers who haven’t rated you yet (we all have these forgetful, bussy clients) & offer them a free revision or free what what what upon reviewing their past order.

Oh, promoting I think was mentioned previously so no need to highlight the importance of doing so :slight_smile:

Best of Luck


Reply to @psychicninadia: Hi there,

I really like to help people to increase their sales. I used same comment for them because I do not have much time to leave comments. I work honestly and my best.

I have buyers who have increased sales through Facebook promotion. Do not comments for other without good investigations.


mastershare said: I used same comment for them because I do not have much time to leave comments.

You use the same comment again and again because you do not have time to actually participate in this forum...Alright....there's a word for it: spamming :)

Anyway, I don't feel this leads us to any conclusion...

Reply to @pghhearts: I don’t get it. It is fair enough for me. However, I’m new here. Probably, it’s just me

Same here!!!no orders :frowning: