No orders?


:frowning: please help me how can i get order.It takes more than two week on fiverr.But still i cant get any order.I have 3 gigs on my profile.Help me out…!!!



I took a look at your gigs. Your bangle gig looks like the most promising as it is, especially if the image is of your real work. It just may take longer than 8 days to attract enough interest in that one gig and may depend on shipping cost. If the image is your own work, however, the colors are very nice and the bangles look good!

The other two gigs could use some work. One is for a writing gig and you list your language as English, but your gig description and other text is not quite accurate for a native English writer. That may deter people from ordering that gig.

The PowerPoint gig might have a slightly better chance, but the concern about accurate English text within the PowerPoint could still deter a buyer. That’s the best feedback I can offer at the moment. Good luck!

Maddie “FontHaunt”