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No orders

Hi people can you help me ? I need money and I did the best I could do with gigs 4 gigs . I have been waiting for 2 months I have been posting my gigs everyday in my 14.000 facebook page but still no orders.How is that possible?

I am also having these problems. I have an article writing gig. still no orders. Please give us some detailed tips so that can also get some cup of coffies :smiley: :smiley:

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First of all, I would recommend being patient. There’s a lot of competition out there, and it can be hard to get your first orders going.

For specific advice, I would try to flesh out your gig descriptions a bit more. Some of your gigs still have very short descriptions. Adding in more information will show buyers what they’ll be getting, and it will also help to add more keywords to your gigs. I would also make sure that your titles and descriptions are totally accurate. For example, you have a gig that says “I will draw a realistic portrait in pencil.” I’m by no means an artist, but it looks like you’re just applying a filter, rather than drawing something by hand. That’s totally fine, but you should make sure you’re honest and upfront about that so that buyers know what they’re getting.

You can also try responding to buyer requests if there’s anything that matches your gigs.

Good luck!

I tried to click on your profile and it did not show any active gigs. Maybe you are working on revising them right now?

I would also highly suggest you write something for your profile about your training/education or experience.

Another thing that is helpful is to serach and look through many, many ads of top sellers, that sell similar gigs. Pay attention to how they write their gig description and what photos or videos they have, and what kind of information they have written in their profile. This will give you ideas on how to make your gigs better.

Then it’s just about waiting, it takes people several months sometimes to get going. And just posting it everyday over and over on your facebook page might be a turn off to some people seeing the same thing over and over. What kin dof FB page do you have? What are people following you for?

im the same no orders had like 2 lol its not very good

i think the problem is people are going to buy from level 2 sellers etc they get more exposure and are able to list more too which is pretty unfair.

i recently purchase two services from two level 2 sellers and to tell you the truth i could do much better there service was terrible dont get it never will

I found most of your gig photos by searching Google. That means other Fiverr users will be using them too. That Katy Perry pic alone must be on 500 gig pages at least.

Begin to make a brand out of yourself and your skills and you’ll find the orders flow.

I’m a website owner. How can you help me or make me money? Answer that question and demonstrate the answer to that question in your gigs and you’ll have all the orders you need.

Reply to @elainekelly971: Same here. I think you’re right. People tend to buy from Level 2 Sellers, since they had so many review. Many article and people recommend this thing too, “buy from Level 2 Sellers which more than reliable than new Sellers or Level 1 Sellers”. It’s pretty unfair for new sellers (including me) :frowning:

All we can do is build trust and good communication to prospective buyer.

I hope this is can get the good response from them :slight_smile:

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me to, same problem i got orders prom buyer request.

Reply to @johnydeff: I gave you some feedback on your profile on the post where I offered to buy some gigs from new sellers. I don’t know if you’ll find the feedback helpful, I’m blunt, but you can check it out in the My Fiverr Gigs forum.