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No orders?


I’ve been on Fiverr for alittle more than week now, but i didnt got any orders. I have 279 impressions, 138 Clicks and 146 Views, am i doing anything wrong?

I’ve read lots of threads with tips for sellers, and i’ve optimized my gig and profile.




Jonathan Bau

Sheriff’s Note: Questions like this are frequently asked by sellers so the thread has been moved to the Fiverr FAQ.

I think it takes time for someone to be interested, not everything will go fast for everyone, be patient and use the time to promote on social media as well. Best wishes.

Do you do water marks of the same logo?

Need more samples, create a video or have someone do it.

Your average response time is 9 hours, get the the phone app to get that issue addressed. Respond slow and miss the sale.

And you are in a very competitive area. It will take time to build sales.

I would suggest to keep your text as short and to the point as possible, starting with a one sentence introduction that explains your gig, not making your entire gig bigger than 3-4 paragraphs. Aside that, your images are most eye catching, I would suggest an example logo with your face to make it more personal (faces always work better than text, especially when seen in a grid with small images as on Fiverr). Much luck! :slight_smile:

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What do you mean?

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I will do that. Thanks you!

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I’ve just downloaded the app. Thanks for your advice!

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I’ll take a closer look at that. Thanks you!

There are THOUSANDS of logo designers on Fiverr and literally hundreds more every few days. You have to be patient.

Make sure that you provide exceptionally good quality and service on your first few orders. Once you get beyond your “new” seller status you’ll need to rely on reviews to keep the on-site traffic up. And in all cases promote yourself off of Fiverr. Drive your own traffic to your own gigs.

hello, you need to wait wait and only wait… and most important don’t forget to promote your gigs in social media and you need to check also “Buyer Request” Thanks :slight_smile:

still 3 days i don’t get any order

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It think geographical location does matter to get orders. If you live in USA, Canada or United Kingdom then you will get more orders in very less time. The detects your IP address and then you collect more orders.

I am basically in the same pickle. I am trying to get back into this site, and I have two gigs made. Yet, they have been mostly ignored; I did get one order though and I provided the best service possible.

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You should edit your gig. You had some grammatical and spelling errors. I agree with the other user who suggested using the Buyer’s Request. That’ll really help when things are running slow. Best of luck to you.

Another thing I have found really helpful is to look on the Buyer Requests and if you see a request for a services that you have not considered yet.

That is how I came up with my Images Fixes which has turned out to be my most popular gig but it also opens the door to my other gigs as well


Reply to @pixelexpert: That’s inaccurate. It all depends on the category. There are MANY buyers who only work with people in other locations, specifically because they believe they’ll get a better rate and customer service if the seller is located in an area with a lower cost of living.

That’s why falsifying location doesn’t make sense on Fiverr - it can lose business instead of build it.

I’m a freelance writer with a lifetime of experience in the music industry. I was raised by musicians and presently manage a successful local band. My second gig here was an offer to write band bios for press kits. Despite the fact that my usual freelance writing jobs off Fiverr are blog posts, articles, and ad copy, those gigs got no traction until the band bios started to take off. Once I gathered a collection of great reviews there, I started getting a lot of custom job requests more in line with my usual work. The band bios have extended into one sheets and bios for companies, authors, and more. Specialization makes a big difference here, I think.

No matter the skill you are selling, you are amidst a sea of folks who’ve been here longer. Find an angle that’s truly unique that can set you apart from the crowd and push that.

you should just promote it every where means on social media and send daily buyers reqs with attractive purpose and be patient