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NO orders

NO orders withn 3 days…Very sad days,

No orders since joining fiverr (two weeks ago)

Same Here I haven’t had any orders in a few days. : (

I went from making over $100 a day to nothing. Just got my first sale in two weeks and delivered in record time even though it was my hardest job to date simply because I was so excited to work again.

@madmoo - Agreed. Plus how is plugging your profile page a Tip for Sellers :frowning:

you got orders in que i have had no orders for a few days dont know why

Mine slowed down too, but since it’s a lot of people on Fiverr, I am sure they will speed up again.

Mine slowed down also. Think its partly the holiday that came up. Starting to pick up. I just got 3 orders today ( not a lot but I’m happy ). I was really on a roll not that long ago but yeah, definitely slowed down.

What I’m doing:

Making more gigs. Different gigs then I’ve had before. Experimenting with two three new ones and really getting the word out on social media. One of my new gigs ( up about a week ) has 2 orders. 1 pending and 1 complete and one I just put up yesterday got an order today.

If your orders are not coming in there are a few things you can do about it.

First, revise your gig. Take a look at it and see if it can use some fine tuning. Are your keywords great? Can they use some work? How about your description or title of the gig?

Second - Promote! Share your gig on facebook / twitter/ google + etc etc.

Third - Make new gigs. Is there something else you can do? What other service can you do that people may be interested in.

Last - Respond to the requested gigs! Does someone want something done that you offer? Write them and sell yourself! Thats how I got two orders on my truck gig. I wrote them, explained my gig and how it could benefit and of course, I’m giving some extras!

Same here…getting no sales, Not even inboxes :frowning:

Mine also dropped for a few days. Only returning buyers happened, but it’s returning to normal slowly.

In your case you might get penalized by misleading people with your top rated avatar, and your gigs could even be hidden from search results.

Reply to @madmoo: RIGHT! I can’t believe he hasn’t been caught by Fiverr. I’m sure they would take necessary actions.

I agree with @madmoo about misleading people with your profile picture. But I too am not immune to the decline in work. However, being a fiverr member for years, I’ve noticed a trend of a decline in work during season shifts (winter to spring, summer to autumn, etc). Usually it picks back up again once people settle in to the new season, so I’m not too worried. I wonder why that is though?

All I can say is, "It happens."

Sometimes I get orders every day, sometimes I don’t get an order for a full week.

I think I’ve been at fiverr long enough where I know that this is something that does happen all the time. I’m sure there are buyers out there who gets multiple orders every single day, but that doesn’t bother me. We are different sellers, and we have different gigs, and there are buyers with different demands. I’d say don’t panic, just sit back and brainstorm on how you can get more exposure, if not just step away from the PC and just work on other stuff.

I will add that it might be a good idea to change your profile picture if you are not

actually a top rated seller yet. If I was the buyer and saw you using that logo, that is enough to make me say to myself “Hmm, this is misleading and unfair, even though this person’s work might be good, I don’t want to ask this person.”

@madmoo - Agreed. Also suggests why he is not getting orders if he is putting stuff like that.

@hemanthalaksir Your gig is that you offer original, creative designs for sellers. Why not use a display photo that showcases your talent and ability?

Same with me, almost 1 month don’t get any orders. I don’t know why but i tried to ask buyer needs in green box but still don’t get order. So because fiverr is not the only marketplace to offer our skill, I offer my skill in my local people and got orders from there. After i offer free promotion in this forum, i got 1 order. it’s amazing while i only got 1 order, but in my local i got some orders related with video skill.

Top rated seller as your avatar? Little misleading isn’t it?

And aren’t your 10 or so different gigs basically offering the same service?

No orders since a longgggggg time.

I have no order at all :frowning:

After 2 Bad days, I got an Order