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I have a gig where i’ll remove/replace background of upto 20 images, but sadly there are no orders at all.


add videos and create unique title for you’re gig


add videos and create unique title for you’re gig


add videos and create unique title for you’re gig


add videos and create unique title for you’re gig


add videos and create unique title for you’re gig


If you set up a gig and expect people to flock over and buy from you, think again! Competition is fierce and there are probably many other on Fiverr doing the same gig as you. Promote your gig on social media, forums and look for requests similar to what you provide.


Yes and it would also be great to promote outside fiverr in places like tumblr and facebook. Target photography and fun pages and blogs, maybe they might need a service like yours :slight_smile:


Be patient. Promote your gigs. The amount of orders you get is determined by your gigs exposure. Answer the buyers’ requests on the right hand panel


Yes. The request gigs section is a good place to find potential buyers. When I first started, I received many orders by replying to those requests. Try that and you’ll get your first order soon. Let me give you one small advice. Demand your job no matter what you do and keep in mind that most customers seek quality over quantity. Just a hint :wink:


Reply to @marioland: yess well said !! But this is a problem for the people who don’t live in a community that encourages your work… Like mine ! I have only told my parents andtwo of my close friends that i work on fiverr. I think if my other facebook friends knew i do hold ur sign gigs and such stuff ill be regarded as a joke i think so i can’t promote to my real life people. I’m going to search for marketing forums and suchstuff to promote my gigs there


Reply to @sherineza:

Your friends should understand and not regard it as a joke. Ive been driving around with a large QR code on my truck for days now while I hang up flyers for my last few Fiverr gigs.

I’ve told others and frequently promote myself on Twitter and other social websites where people know me. Its about making a little extra money on the side and I don’t mind who knows it.

I let them know in case they know someone that may want to use my services :slight_smile:


I’ll be completely honest here.

  • You can’t expect people to take you seriously when you start a Gig Description with: “YESSS!!!”

  • I’m assuming English is not your first language. Get someone to help you with your grammar. Stuff like: " Get your photos edited by me who has been in the field of photo editing since last 5 years " does NOT make sense and shows that you don’t even spend time on your Gig description. So if you can’t even spend time advertising your service and using proper grammar, then your work is probably not that good.

  • By that I mean your Gig Description is advertising your services. People will think: "If he can’t even spend the time to make his OWN Gig description sound good than he probably won’t do good work for me. "

    I’m not trying to be mean or harsh. I’m just showing you what you should fix to get more sales.


@bigbadbilly I disagree With you. Photo editing is a technical stuff…better put, it is crafty-like .You can speak all the grammer in the world without even attracting a single customer. You might be surprised to know that most of the top sellers you see here are not particularly good in english. Where the grammer should be watched is when you put up a gig like “I will edit your articles " , " I will write any article of your choice”, " I will write your business plan"


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Personally, I think you are offering too much for $5. There is a fine line between a great deal and sub consciously looking too cheap.

20 images for $5 may be putting your buyers off. You need to reflect your quality in your price. You were much better suited when offering 10 (still high in my opinion).

Think of it this way, would you go to a seller offering 1 logo for $5, or 10 for $5?

If you want more direct advice, feel free to look at my gig:

abelg99 said: Your friends should understand and not regard it as a joke.

Agreed. Regardless of whether one is working on Fiverr as a way to earn extra money, build a professional portfolio or have fun friends should be the ones supporting you in your endeavors.


dude, maybe it is time for us to help each other. Let me help you out and I will help you as much as I can.


Great ideea!

Also, take my hand


Agree with your idea. this s my first gigs