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No orders?


I’ve been on Fiverr for alittle more than 4 months now, but i didnt got any orders. I have 2.3k impressions, 82 Clicks and 43 Views, am i doing anything wrong?

I’ve read lots of threads with tips for sellers, and i’ve optimized my gig and profile.




Jonathan Bau

I am also new here i want job . Here is my new gig : I am new here : this is my portfolio please let me know how look it ?

me tooo new here…


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Personally I think your gig looks fine. It looks professional, well presented, and you have 4 good reviews.
I get the feeling you are having trouble getting orders because there are hundreds
of similar gigs. Maybe for now, the best thing you can do is to keep promoting your gig.

dinamicostudio9, tonyfretgilbert, stop spamming.

I’ve been on Fiverr for more than 2 years, selling and getting messages regularly every day.
The last week or so I got 0 orders, only 1-2 from previouys buyers and 0 messages. I don’t know where to blame this. It never happened before, such a huge dissapointment.
All of a sudden orders just stopped.
My top gig, with 19K impressions , 435 views 799 clicks, not a single order in 10 days or so. So whether you get a lot of those mentioned or not, that doesn’t really mean how possible is to get an order.
Fiverr is unpredictable, some times this good, but in this case it’s bad.

@jonathanbau I’ve looked at your gig and there are hundreds just like it on the site, so that would answer one question.

If you are indeed a graphic artist as you say perhaps come up with some additional interesting gigs based on your skill that didn’t look like every other graphic design gig on the site.


I know that there are, but I was getting sales every day for months, and they just stopped.
Including all the messages asking for custom orders or clarifications.

Someone please take a look at my top converting gig in here currently & let me know what should I do to get consistent orders on a large scale,any tweak or improvement needed- .Thanks

i think i need a suggestiona bout this gig too its also about seo

Really competitive niche!!

Reply to @kostakis191: I was talking to the original poster, sorry. I’ve added their name in now :slight_smile: