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No Orders

I’ve been on this website for 3 months, but I haven’t gotten a single order… I’ve sent buyer requests, but I still haven’t gotten any orders, not a single one! What am I supposed to do? Sharing on fb and all the other media types won’t get me anywhere because I only have my friends on fb, so that be much of help… help?

There might be alot of reasons to that… first one need to see your account first…

Please clarify on what you mean

Hi martinisk. I think you need to upload more professional looking samples. Also, pay close attention to your gigs titles. For example: you put a title for one of your gigs reading: “I will draw vegetables doing something”. This one could be replaced with a short and more appealing title like :“I will draw cartoon vegetables” or “I will make cool cartoon vegetables”. In addition, do some research for popular keywords and tags through checking best selling gigs that are similar to your one. Scroll down tell you find tags used in a seller’s gig, you will find it just below the gig description and extras. Copy them and paste in your gig tags. Hope this helps and good luck :slight_smile:

Be patient. It takes time to get your first order. Especially, if you’re offering things that many competitors do. Buyers need something unique that they won’t find from other sellers. Try to make gigs that buyers can’t compare to the other.

First OPTIMIZE your profile and all your gig description

Thank you all for the great feedback and helpful information